Séminaire LJC par Christian BERGAUD

Laboratoire Joliot-Curie
jeudi 31 octobre, 11h Amphi C ENS de Lyon

Christian BERGAUD,
CNRS Researcher, LAAS-CNRS, Nanobiosystems Group, Toulouse

Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials : promises for improved functional devices with applications in chemistry and biology

In LAAS-CNRS, research is being directed towards better understanding the behaviour of nanomaterials and soft materials, and their use with micro and nanosystems for applications in chemistry, biology and life sciences.We try to better understand and monitor physical phenomena at a reduced scale and then optimize their use in devices for specific applications.

In this context, we will introduceongoing projects :

 The use of conductive polymers and flexible substrates for improving recording and stimulation of neural probes for Brain-Computer Interface. This work combines the nanostructuration of the electrode surface and the use of flexible substrates promoting intimate contact between electrodes and neurons to increase biocompatibility and lifetime of neural probes. Stimulation and recording are also greatly improved with higher signal-to-noise ratio, superior charge injection and lower impedance.

 The design of artificial muscles with ionic electroactivepolymers. The approach is based on the use electromechanical actuation controlled by diffusion of ions. It only needs low voltages (1-2 V) to generate large deformations. We will discuss about targeted applications in microrobotics.

 Chemical self-assembly for designing 1D helical nanostructures used as building blocks in nanoelectromechanical systems. We take advantage of the structural diversity of self-assembled amphiphilic organic molecules. Using this approach, nanotubes, twisted ribbons or helical nanosprings can be obtained and used as templates to create functional sensors and actuators at a nanometer scale.

 Fabrication of fluorescent nanothermometers that function in liquids and biological environments.

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