Séminaire LJC par Christophe Godin

Modeling the mechanical regulation of morphogenesis in plants

by Christophe Godin, Virtual Plants group, INRIA Montpellier

LJC seminar thursday, the 6th of June, at 11:00 in the big LR6 room

Abstract :
In the past decade, molecular and genetic approaches have been extensively used to decipher the fundamental principles driving morphogenesis. In both animals and plants, many elementary mechanisms linking gene regulation to shape development have been identified. However a global theory integrating physiology, mechanics and gene regulation together with organ development is still missing. In this talk, I will present attempts recently made by the plant research community to address this question. I will in particular focus on the work made in collaboration with the RDP lab in Lyon since a few years to model mechanical forces during the growth of multicellular systems and how these forces may be regulated by genes. The approach will be illustrated and discussed using a new computational framework for the 3-D simulation of shoot apical meristem development at cellular resolution.

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