Séminaire RDP de Chloe ZUBIETA

Monday 29 September Chloe ZUBIETA from Laboratoire de Physiologie Cellulaire & Végétale (LPCV), CEA Grenoble will give a seminar on :

Probing the Biophysical Basis for MADS Transcription Factor Function - structural and biochemical studies of SEPALLATA3

The seminar will be held at "Salle des thèses" at 11h.

Chloe has long experience in protein structure and the past few years she focussed her work on structure-function on MADS TFs that play important roles in floral organ initiation and development.

Summary : The MADS family of transcription factors (TFs) plays crucial roles in many aspects of plant reproduction, in particular flowering and floral organ development. Our team uses a combination of structural and biophysical techniques to study these TFs in order to understand their function at the atomic and molecular level. Our current research focuses on SEPALLATA3 (SEP3), a MADS TF which plays a role in the development of all floral organs via its ability to form specific tetrameric complexes with other MADS TFs. We have recently structurally characterized the oligomerization domain of SEP3 and use this as a model to understand and predict the protein-protein interaction patterns of the larger family of MADS TFs. With this biophysical foundation, the complex processes of floral organ development orchestrated by the MADS transcription factor family can be tied to molecular level events.

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