Séminaire RDP par Wolfgang Busch

The RDP will host Wolfgang Busch, from the GMI in Vienna on this Monday April 13th.

Wolfgang will give a seminar at 11am in the salle des thèses entitled :

Dissecting Quantitative Regulation of Root Growth Using Systems Genetics

Wolfgang is working on natural variation in Arabidopsis thaliana using genome wide association studies (GWAS). He is at the forefront of what he calls "system genetics", which is mixing quantitative genetics with system biology approaches.

Some of his recent publications :
 Slovak R, Göschl C, Su X, Shimotani K, Shiina T, Busch W. A Scalable Open-Source Pipeline for Large-Scale Root Phenotyping of Arabidopsis. Plant Cell. 2014 Jun 10 ;26(6):2390-2403.
 Meijón M, Satbhai SB, Tsuchimatsu T, Busch W. Genome-wide association study using cellular traits identifies a new regulator of root development in Arabidopsis. Nat Genet. 2014 Jan ;46(1):77-81.
 Busch W, Moore BT, Martsberger B, Mace DL, Twigg RW, Jung J, Pruteanu-Malinici I, Kennedy SJ, Fricke GK, Clark RL, Ohler U, Benfey PN. A microfluidic device and computational platform for high-throughput live imaging of gene expression. Nat Methods. 2012 Nov ;9(11):1101-6.
 Busch W, Miotk A, Ariel FD, Zhao Z, Forner J, Daum G, Suzaki T, Schuster C, Schultheiss SJ, Leibfried A, Haubeiss S, Ha N, Chan RL, Lohmann JU. Transcriptional control of a plant stem cell niche. Dev Cell. 2010 May 18 ;18(5):849-61.

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