PhD defense of Richard Malgat

Dear All,

I’m really pleased to invite you all to my PhD defense, entitled

"Computational modeling of internal mechanical properties of plant cells".

It will be held on the 28th of September at 14h in the salle des thèses. It will be followed by a "pot de thèse" in the big hall of the LR6.

In this work, I mainly present 2 physically based models of plant cells as well as a new multiscale methodology that can be applied to many structures. The first model is in 2D. It is designed to extract mechanical properties of cells (turgor pressure and cell wall stiffness) The second is in 3D and describes a simulated Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) applied on a meristem. It is designed to help experimentalists verifying assumptions and hypothesis they are making when using AFM. Finally, the multiscale technique we developed is designed to add detail to any physically based simulation and can be applied to a simulated AFM for instance.

Hope to see you there !



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