RDP Seminar of Christiane Nawrath

Structure and function of cuticles of Arabidopsis: from petals to root caps

RDP seminar by Christiane Nawrath from the University of Lausanne.

The cuticle is an extracellular matrix layer that is deposited at the surface of different organs of the shoot, thus acting at the interface between the plant and its environment. The aliphatic polyester cutin is one of the main components of the cuticle that builds a layered structure in continuum with the outer epidermal cell wall. During my presentation I will elaborate on the formation of cuticular folds that are present on the surface of Arabidopsis petals and depend on a 10,16 dihydroxy C16-rich cutin. Insights into the relation between cutin composition and cuticle ultrastructure will be given as well as gene functions will be presented that are necessary for the organization of the cuticle-cell wall continuum. Furthermore, the role of the cuticle and cuticular folds in floral development and petal growth will be discussed. In the second part of my talk I will present evidence that also the root caps of young primary roots and emerging lateral roots are covered by a cuticle. The biological functions of root cap cuticles will be discussed.

Date: Thursday, January 18th
Time: 14.00
Location: Salle des Thèses

Selected publications
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RDP host: Gwyneth Ingram

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