Séminaire LBMC de Fabien Montel

Friday, the 20th of February, in Salle des Thèses at 11 am :

Transport through the nuclear pore complex : two complementary approaches

Fabien Montel, Biophysics team in the Laboratoire de la Matière et des Systèmes Complexes, Paris-Diderot

The nuclear pore complex is the unique gateway between the nucleus and the cytoplasm of the cells. It ensures both directional and selective transport of nucleic acids and proteins. Its detailed mechanism is still highly debated. We have started to study its dynamic through two complementary approaches. In a bottom-up approach we use polymer grafted nanopores that mimic the crowding of the native pore. We show using a near field optics (ZMW) that we can use the critical pressure for cargo translocation to measure directly the free energy of translocation through the pore [1]. In a top-down approach we extract nuclear membranes from Xenopus Laevis. Our first results obtained using optical super-resolution (dSTORM) on this system indicates that the organization and the shape of the nuclear pore complex are strongly influenced by the development stage of the oocyte.

[1] Zero-mode waveguide detection of flow-driven DNA translocation through nanopores. Auger T, Mathé J, Viasnoff V, Charron G, Di Meglio JM, Auvray L, Montel F. Phys Rev Lett. 2014 Jul 11 ;113(2):028302.

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