Séminaire LJC-CBP de Grégoire Malandain

The 6th of November at 11h00 Grégoire Malandain (Laboratoire I3S de Sophia Antipolis) gives a joint LJC-CBP seminar in the big CBP conference room:

Towards population studies in embryogenesis: a cell-to-cell mapping method for ascidian embryos

Nowadays, microscopy techniques allow to image temporal 3D stacks of developing organs or embryos at the cellular level and with an acquisition frequency that enables to retrieve the cell lineages. Imaging a number of organs or embryos with several conditions may help to decipher the various components that drive the development, however this requires to distinguish between the inter-individual variability and the components’ effects, enforcing the need for the comparison between individuals.

We will present a method that allows first to segment the cells from microscopy images, second to extract the symmetry plane of embryos at early stages, and third to retrieve a cell-to-cell mapping between two embryos.

Here is a video where Grégoire Malandain explains how image analysis and statistics links the fields of medicine and mathematics. The same applies to the fields of biology and mathematics.

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