Tools and Databases

The lab is involved in the development of analysis tools and databases. Here you can find some examples of them.

Rosa sp. Transcriptome Database

The database provides useful information on Rosa sp. expressed genes, with thorough annotation and an overview of expression patterns for transcripts with good accuracy, and represents a valuable prerequisite to the sequencing of the rose genome.

The Petunia Platform

The Petunia Platform promotes the main object of research of its participating members, Petunia, and in a broader sense research on Solanaceous species. The tools that you can find on the platform will greatly facilitate the use of Petunia as a plant model in genetics and molecular biology.

MARS-ALT on Openalea

MARS-ALT is a pipeline designed to track cell lineages at different time steps. It provides algorithms for three-dimensional reconstruction and cell segmentation, as well as for automated lineage tracking. This gives the basis of 4D analysis of plant organ development at cellular level.

FibrilTool on MorphoGraphX

MorphoGraphX is an open source application for the visualization and analysis of 4D biological datasets. Developed by researchers, it is primarily used for the analysis and quantification of 4D live-imaged confocal data. FibrilTool in particular computes the mean fibril orientation on 3D curved surfaces.