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Mail : benoit.landrein(at)
Phone : +33426731471


Since 2018 Permanent Researcher at CNRS (CR-CN), Laboratory of Plant Development and Reproduction (RDP), ENS of Lyon, France


2014 – 2018 Post-doctoral Research Fellow at The Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge (SLCU), UK. Supervisors : Henrik Jönsson, James Locke, and Elliot Meyerowitz


2014 PhD in Life Sciences, Laboratory of Plant Development and Reproduction (RDP), ENS of Lyon, France. Supervisor : Olivier Hamant

2010 Master of Biosciences, Department of Biology, ENS of Lyon, France

2008 Bachelor of Molecular Biology, Department of Biology, ENS of Lyon, France


2020 – 2022 Research grant from INRAe (BAP department)

2020 – 2023 Research grant from the CNRS/University of Melbourne network, collaboration with John Golz (UoM) and Gwyneth Ingram (CNRS)

2019 – 2021 Research grant from ENS of Lyon


2018 Young researcher award in Life sciences from the City of Lyon

2014 PhD award from the French society of Developmental Biology (SFBD)

2014 PhD award from the PhD school of Cell and Molecular Biology of Lyon

2010 – 2014 PhD Fellowship from the Ministry of Higher Education and Research


Since 2020 Camille Bied, PhD student, Laboratory of Plant Reproduction and Development, ENS of Lyon, France

Since 2020 Amélie Bauer, PhD student co-supervised with Gwyneth Ingram at the Laboratory of Plant Reproduction and Development, ENS of Lyon, France and with John Golz at the University of Melbourne, Australia

Since 2017 Filipa Lopes, PhD student co-supervised with Henrik Jönsson at the Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK and with Elena Baena-Gonzalez at Instituto Gulbenkian Ciência, Portugal

Since 2012 Supervision of several Master Students, 4 students at the laboratory of Plant Development and Reproduction, ENS of Lyon, France and 2 students at the Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK


 Olivier Ali, Mechanical modelling of plant growth, RDP, ENS of Lyon

 Gwyneth Ingram, Cell-to-cell communication and seed development, RDP, ENS of Lyon

 Patrick Achard, Gibberellins and seed development, IBMP, CNRS Strasbourg

 John Golz, Genetic control of seed development, University of Melbourne, Australia

 Elena Baena-Gonzalez, Metabolic control of development, Instituto Gulbenkian Ciência, Portugal


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