Rhône-Alpes European Large-Scale Facility for NMR

Grenoble - Lyon


How to reach IBS Grenoble:


European Photon and Neutron Campus (EPN)        link to google maps

6 rue Jules Horowitz, 38000 Grenoble

Tél: +33 (0) 4 57 42 85 00

Arriving by train

There are very good train connections from Paris (570 km-3h) and Lyon (100 km-1h) by TGV, the high-speed train. There are also ordinary train connections with Chambery, Valence, Marseille, Turin, Geneva.
You can consult the SNCF page.
For more details about connections or if you come from a town abroad, consult the DB page.

To join IBS from the railway station, please click here.

Arriving by car

From Paris, Valence, Lyon (Motorway A 48)
At Grenoble, follow signs for "Gare EUROPOLE" or "Polygone scientifique Louis Neel" (Exit n°16), then follow signs for " IBS".

From Genève, Chambéry (Motorway A 41)
Before reaching Grenoble, follow signs for "Rocade sud", then "Lyon A480" and take exit n°1 "Sassenage - Polygone scientifique". Follow signs for "Polygone scientifique" then "IBS".

From Briançon, Sisteron (A 480)
Exit n°1 "Sassenage- Polygone scientifique" , follow signs for " Polygone scientifique" then "IBS".

Arriving by plane

Your plane arrives at Lyon-Saint Exupery airport
Lyon’s International Airport (St Exupery Airport, formerly Satolas Airport) is the closest to Grenoble.
Regulard buses ensure the connection with the Grenoble bus station. The journey takes about 1 hour. Timetables and prices.
If you want to join IBS directly, when boarding at the airport, tell the shuttle driver that you want to be dropped off at "Place de la Resistance" (it will avoid you to go as far as the Grenoble bus station and come back by bus 34). On your way back to the airport, be sure to use the bus stop marked ’Satobus’ on the roundabout.

Your plane arrives at Geneva airport
Geneva International Airport is more than a two-hour drive from Grenoble. Bus and train connections to Grenoble bus station exist but are not very frequent. Here is the timetable for/from Grenoble by regular coaches.

Your plane arrives at Grenoble - Saint Geoirs airport
Grenoble Isère Airport is 40 minutes away from Grenoble. Low cost companies ensure flights from Grenoble to some european cities. Buses ensure the connection with the Grenoble bus station (Timetables)

Join IBS from the bus and railway station or from the city center

There are two buses you can take from the bus and railway station to the IBS:

  1. Bus number 34: in front of the Grenoble railway station, cross over the road and take the N°34 marked "Polygone Scientifique"or "Sassenage chateau". Bus-stop "place de la Résistance" or "Polygone Scientifique", then follow signs for IBS. You can take this bus from several places in town as well,

  2. Bus number 30: behind the railway station (Europole side) take the N°30, direction "Saint-Egrève Cap des H – Saint-Egrève Gare". Bus-stop "place de la Résistance", then follow signs for IBS.

For both, the journey takes about 10 minutes, and there is a bus every 8 to 11 minutes throughout the day from 5:30 a.m. to 8:47 p.m.

Tickets can be purchased singly from the bus driver or in a booklet ("carnet") at tobacconists and at major tram stops.

For more information about the bus in Grenoble:
 Consult the Tag web page (in french only)
 Timetables for bus 34 or 30 : click here and select "bus", then select the bus number you are interrested in and look at the timetables ("horaires")
 For details about bus-stops "Gares" and "Place de la Résistance": use that tool and click "Horaires à l’arrêt", then type the name of your bus stop (for instance "Gare (Grenoble)" or "Place de la résistance" or "Polygone scientifique"), then in "Choisissez une ligne" select the bus number you are interrested in (34, 30 or navette aéroport (airport shuttle))




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