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Travel guidelines and administrative procedures

The EC (Bio-NMR) or the CNRS (TGIR-RMN) provides funding to cover travel and subsistence costs to the visiting users of the RALF-NMR facilities coming respectively from European countries (or associated states) and from France. For a smooth preparation and follow up of the User's visits the our RALF facility, travel planning and reimbursement of visitor expenses should proceed as follows:

Before the visit:

  1. Visitors are invited to make travel and accommodation plans at least 2 weeks before the scheduled visit.

  2. Full bank information (for each visitor), including an international bank code (IBAN), should be provided at this stage to the facility, via the secured Bio-NMR/TGIR-RMN intranet server. Please fill up your personal information page using the login and password received after submission of your proposal.
    Bio-NMR users: in addition, please communicate us your full birth date by e-mail.

  3. Plane or train tickets will be directly ordered and paid by the facility. Please suggest us your preferred itinerary/flight or train schedule.

  4. Hotel reservations should also be made by the facility. Please contact us for information.

After the visit:

  1. Original proofs of travel, accommodation and meal expenses should be returned to the facility (original plane boarding cards, train tickets, hotel bills, restaurant bills). Please address all documents to the facility where the experiments have been performed (Grenoble or Lyon).

  1. Reimbursement through bank transfer should be effective within 3-4 weeks once all required documents are received by the facility.

Reimbursement rates:

  1. Transportation: The facility will in principle cover all costs of public transport. This includes economy fare by plane and/or train and connecting transport from airport or railway stations. All travel bills and original train/plane tickets should be sent back immediately after the visit to the facility. Visitors who wish to travel by car should contact us for information. Taxi journeys car be reimbursed by the facility only with specific justification.

  2. Hotel and subsistence costs will be reimbursed according to real expenses. A maximum of 15.25 € per meal can be reimbursed to visitors. If you wish to book a hotel by yourself and pay it directly, please be aware that the maximum reimbursement rate will be 60 euros per day (incl. breakfast).
    Proof of expenses for meals and accommodation are required and should be sent back to the facility immediately after the visit.
    The information detailed above is based on the french CNRS regulation.

Additional information for French Users (TGIR-RMN):

  1. Ordre de mission: The CRMN will issue for your visit a CNRS ordre de mission. As a consequence:
    If your employer is the CNRS: your laboratory should NOT issue for your any CNRS ordre de mission.
    If you are employed by a University, or any other French institution: please provide us with a copy of your ordre de mission sans frais from that institution.

  2. Payment with CNRS corporate card: If you are in possession of a personal CNRS BNP corporate visa card, it is possible for you to be reimbursed up to 90 euros per day for accommodation booked independently, and paid directly with your corporate card. Please provide us with a proof of payment with your BNP corporate card (e.g. monthly card summary).

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