Galvan-Ampudia, C. S., Julkowska, M. M.,...

"Galvan-Ampudia, C. S., Julkowska, M. M.,...". (2013)

Galvan-Ampudia, C. S., Julkowska, M. M., Darwish, E., Gandullo, J., Korver, R. A., Brunoud, G., Haring M.A., Munnik T., Vernoux T., & Testerink, C. (2013). Halotropism is a response of plant roots to avoid a saline environment. Current Biology, 23(20), 2044–2050.
Featured in F1000 (9★), Nature Structural and Molecular Biology and The Scientist.

Signalisation hormonale et développement
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