Lauxmann, M. A., Annunziata, M. G., Brunoud,...

"Lauxmann, M. A., Annunziata, M. G., Brunoud,...". (2016)

Lauxmann, M. A., Annunziata, M. G., Brunoud, G., Wahl, V., Koczut, A., Burgos, A., Olas, J.J., Maximova, E., Abel, C., Schlereth, A., Soja, A.M., Bläsing, O.E. and Lunn, J.E. and Vernoux, T., & Stitt, M. (2016). Reproductive failure in Arabidopsis thaliana under transient carbohydrate limitation : Flowers and very young siliques are jettisoned and the meristem is maintained to allow successful resumption of reproductive growth. Plant, Cell and Environment, 39(4), 745–767.

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