Permament members

Non-permanent members

  • Théotime Balaguer (PhD with with Chroma team)
  • Théophile Dubuc (PhD with Outscale and Grenoble INP)
  • Youssouph Faye (PhD)
  • Mériem Ghali (PhD)
  • Esther Guérin (PhD)
  • Johann Hugon (PhD)
  • Kevin Nguetchouang Ngongang (PhD with Grenoble INP)
  • Saloua Naama (PhD with Regard team)
  • Loïc Chassin de Kergommeaux (M2 student with MC2 team)
  • Jules Marmier (M2 student with Privatics)
  • Walid Zaoui (M2 student)

Former members

  • Alexandre Bonnefond (PhD with Chroma team)
  • Nour Bouzouita (PhD with Agora team)
  • Thierry Arrabal (Research engineer with Avalon team)
  • Marija Stojanova (Postdoc)
  • Johann Hugon (M2 student with Privatics team)
  • Mériem Ghali (M2 student)
  • Samir Si-Mohamed (PhD with Stackeo)
  • Dimitri Tracol (M2 student with SyCoSMA team)
  • Tom Ogier (M2 student)
  • Joachim Cendrier (M2 student with MC2 team)
  • Anthony Bardou (PhD)
  • Mathieu Guglielmino (PhD with Regard team)