Rhône-Alpes European Large-Scale Facility for NMR

Grenoble - Lyon


The RALF-NMR Large-Scale Facility provides access to guest researchers and research trainees from France, and from the EU and associated countries (FP7 - Bio-NMR). Visiting scientists using the research facility will be provided scientific and technical support by our staff members in Lyon and Grenoble, who may be involved in collaborative research projects.

National scientists (who pursue their research activity in France) may not receive EU funding to access our facility. French users are eligible for access to the 1000 MHz (Lyon), 950 MHz (Grenoble) and 800MHz SB and WB (Lyon) spectrometers only, funded by the CNRS TGIR-RMN program for High-field NMR. 100 days per year are dedicated on each of these high-field spectrometers to access to French Users via this program.

European (and associated country) scientists can access any of the spectrometers (i.e from 500 to 1000 MHz) from the RALF-NMR infrastructure, to carry out structural biology related NMR projets. The total time available for external European users, funded by the EC under the Bio-NMR contract, on the NMR spectrometers of the Research Infrastructure is around 120 days per year.

Access Request

All requests for access should be submitted though the TGIR-RMN proposal form (French users) or the Bio-NMR proposal form (European Users).

The selection procedure is identical and coordinated with the other infrastructures of the TGIR-RMN and Bio-NMR networks. More information is available for the TGIR-RMN access procedure and the Bio-NMR access procedure.

Whenever possible, and after acceptance of the project, spectrometer time should be booked at least 3 weeks before the expected measurement period. Travel and accomodation plans should be arranged at least 2 weeks before the scheduled visits. Please read carefully our information for travel planning and reimbursement.


After each visit, a short report should be submitted on the experiments performed.

Users of the european RALF-NMR facility are also required by the EC to fill questionnaires for evaluation of the quality of the access to the infrastructure. You will receive automatic notifications by e-mail to complete such questionnaires.


Any publication that uses results acquired at the RALF-NMR Large Scale Facility should acknowledge this fact as well as the financial contribution, respectively of the 7th Framework program of the EC (Bio-NMR users), or the CNRS (TGIR-RMN users).

Bio-NMR users:
"Financial support by the Access to Research Infrastructures activity in the 7th Framework Programme of the EC (Project number: 261863, Bio-NMR) for conducting the research is gratefully acknowledged"

TGIR-RMN users:
"Financial support from the TGE RMN THC Fr3050 for conducting the research is gratefully acknowledged."

Electronic reprints of published results should be sent to the facility.

Acknowledgement of the facility and the EC or CNRS funding is also mandatory for oral and poster presentations at conferences and symposia. All users should keep track of papers, communications, conference talks and posters in which the RALF-NMR facility has been acknowledged.



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User Access

European Users

Access our NMR facilities with FP7

Integrated Infrastructure Initiative

French Users

Access our NMR facilities via the CNRS national large-scale facility