ER03: École Jeunes Chercheurs du GDR IM (23/01/2017 → 27/01/2017)

Date : 23/01/2017 — 27/01/2017 Lieu : Lyon Organisateur : Natacha Portier, Colin Riba

The GdR IM organizes each year the EJCIM research school. The 2017 edition will be organized in Lyon, on the ENS de Lyon campus, by the AriC, MC2 and PLUME teams of the LIP laboratory.

The school is primarily aimed at master and PhD students. It intend to cover, over its different editions, the thematics of the GDR-IM. They include algorithmic, combinatorics, symbolic computation, arithmetic, information security, geometry, logic, semantic, proof-theory, complexity.

The courses will be on mornings or early afternoons. They will be given [Lire la suite…]

ER02: Molecular programing: from theory to wet lab nano-scale computation (16/01/2017 → 20/01/2017)

Date : 16/01/2017 — 20/01/2017 Lieu : Lyon Intervenant : Damien WOODS (Inria Paris), Yannick RONDELEZ (CNRS, ESPCI), Nicolas SCHABANEL (CNRS, U. Paris Diderot & ENS Lyon) Organisateur : Nicolas Schabanel

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ER01: Scientific methodology and performance evaluation for computer scientists (28/11/2016 → 2/12/2016)

Date : 28/11/2016 — 2/12/2016 Lieu : Lyon Intervenant : Arnaud LEGRAND Organisateur : Eddy CARON

Lundi 28: 9h-12h (3h) / 13h30-15h30 (2h) Mardi 29: 8h-12h (4h) / 13h30-16h30 (3h) Mercredi 30: 8h-12h (4h) / 13h30-15h30 (2h) Jeudi 1 : 9h-12h (3h) Vendredi 2: 9h-12h (3h)

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