Mousse au chocolat


For 6 servings:

225g of dark chocolate

6 tea spoons of sugar

6 eggs


Success Key: a long time in the fridge. You MUST prepare it the day before.

Break the dark chocolate into small pieces and melt it in a bain-marie. Add the sugar, and stir. If it tends to solidify, simply add hot water until the mixture becomes smooth again.

Separate egg yolks from their whites.

Make sure the sugar cristals are properly dissolved into the melted chocolate, remove from bain-marie and add the yolks. Mix well until homogeneous.

Beat the whites into "oeuf à la neige", then add the chocolate mixture to them and stir slowly until you obtain a brown homogeneous cream. Don't worry about the mousse getting creamy, it will regain strength later.

Pour the mousse into your favorite bowl, and store it overnight in the fridge (4°C).