Accepted papers

  • Images as relations under RelView,
    Mathieu Alain and Jules Desharnais.
  • Tool-Based Relational Investigation of Closure-Interior Relatives for Finite Topological Spaces,
    Rudolf Berghammer.
  • Varieties of Cubical Sets,
    Ulrik Buchholtz and Ed Morehouse.
  • Non-Associative Kleene Algebra and Temporal Logics,
    Jules Desharnais and Bernhard Möller.
  • Algebraic Investigation of Connected Components,
    Roland Glück.
  • Stone Relation Algebras,
    Walter Guttmann.
  • Relation algebras, idempotent semirings and generalized bunched implication algebras,
    Peter Jipsen.
  • Parsing and Printing of and with Triples,
    Sebastiaan Joosten.
  • Software Development in Relation Algebra with Ampersand,
    Stef Joosten.
  • Allegories and Collagories for Transformation of Graph Structures Considered as Coalgebras,
    Wolfram Kahl.
  • Aggregation of Votes with Multiple Positions on Each Issue,
    Lefteris Kirousis, Phokion Kolaitis and John Livieratos.
  • Complete solution of an optimization problem in tropical semifield,
    Nikolai Krivulin.
  • Concurrency-Preserving Minimal Process Representation,
    Adrian Puerto.
  • Embeddability into relational lattices is undecibable,
    Luigi Santocanale.
  • Tower Induction and Up-To Techniques for CCS with Fixed Points,
    Steven Schäfer and Gert Smolka.
  • Reasoning about Cardinalities of Relations with Applications Supported by Proof Assistants,
    Insa Stucke.
  • Type-n Arrow Categories,
    Michael Winter.