Program: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu.

Monday 15

9h30 Welcome and coffee
10h30 Algebra for Quantitative Information Flow,
Annabelle McIver
11h30 Discussions and lunch
14h00 Non-Associative Kleene Algebra and Temporal Logics,
Jules Desharnais and Bernhard Möller
14h30 Algebraic Investigation of Connected Components,
Roland Glück
15h00 Discussions and coffee
16h00 Embeddability into relational lattices is undecibable,
Luigi Santocanale
16h30 Aggregation of Votes with Multiple Positions on Each Issue,
Lefteris Kirousis, Phokion Kolaitis and John Livieratos

Tuesday 16

9h00 Dual space of a lattice as the completion of a Pervin space,
Jean-Éric Pin
10h00 Discussions and coffee
10h30 Stone Relation Algebras,
Walter Guttmann
11h00 Images as relations under RelView,
Mathieu Alain and Jules Desharnais
11h30 Tool-Based Relational Investigation of Closure-Interior Relatives for Finite Topological Spaces,
Rudolf Berghammer
12h00 Lunch and discussions
14h00 Allegories and Collagories for Transformation of Graph Structures Considered as Coalgebras,
Wolfram Kahl
14h30 Varieties of Cubical Sets,
Ulrik Buchholtz and Ed Morehouse
15h00 Coffee and discussions

Wednesday 17

9h00 A (co)algebraic theory of succinct acceptors,
Alexandra Silva
10h00 Discussions and tea
10h30 Tower Induction and Up-To Techniques for CCS with Fixed Points,
Steven Schäfer and Gert Smolka
11h00 Concurrency-Preserving Minimal Process Representation,
Adrian Puerto
11h30 Discussions and lunch
14h00 Software Development in Relation Algebra with Ampersand,
Stef Joosten
14h30 Parsing and Printing of and with Triples,
Sebastiaan Joosten
15h00 Croissants and discussions
16h00 Business meeting

Thursday 18

9h00 Type-n Arrow Categories,
Michael Winter
9h30 Relation algebras, idempotent semirings and generalized bunched implication algebras,
Peter Jipsen
10h00 Coffee and discussions
10h30 Complete solution of an optimization problem in tropical semifield,
Nikolai Krivulin
11h00 Reasoning about Cardinalities of Relations with Applications Supported by Proof Assistants,
Insa Stucke
11h30 Discussions and lunch


Special session on mechanised reasoning for relational and algebraic methods
13h00 The Kiel RelView Tool,
Rudolf Berghammer
13h45 Further Investigations of Automated Reasoning in Relation Algebra,
Insa Stucke
14h05 Abstract Relation-Categories for Programming with Concrete Relations: RATH-Agda Overview,
Wolfram Kahl
14h25 Chocolat
15h00 Algebraic Reasoning with Isabelle/HOL,
Walter Guttmann
15h20 RAMiCS with Isabelle/HOL,
Georg Struth
15h40 Languages algebras in Coq,
Paul Brunet