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Conservative behavior of the biological complex system [Telomeres-Telomerase-Prolifération]

par Webmaster - 12 décembre 2007

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Claire Wolfrom-Bienvenu, Dynamique Cellulaires et Modélisation, Laboratoire Développement, Morphogénèse et Evolution, Orsay

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Telomerase is an enzymatic multimolecular complex which has two known functions : 1) addition of [TTAGGG] repeats to telomeric DNA, counteracting normal mitotic erosion, and 2) activation of various genes controlling cell proliferation. The possible coordination of these two functions is a key issue in understanding the growth of cancer cells. We report long-term changes to this 3-D complex system, as shown by specific data analysis methods. We show that the dynamics of the two functions of telomerase are balanced, with a change in predominant function every 13 to 14 weeks. The conservative behavior of this dynamic system probably accounts for the persistent proliferation of cancer cells.

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