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Projets de Recherches

Assembly and organization of chromatin

The alteration of the chromatin structure is an important step for the process of gene activation or silencing. Different factors may influence chromatin dynamics : the incorporation of histone variants on specific chromatin domains, the targeting of post-translational modification on histone, and the activity of chromatin remodelers. We are using in vitro biochemical approaches, in vivo assays and biophysical experiments in collaboration with the other teams of the Laboratory Joliot-Curie (...)

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Function of an histone chaperone, Nucleolin, in nucleolar function

Profound alterations of the nuclear compartment are found in cancer cells. In particular, hypertrophy of the nucleolus is one of the criteria used by pathologists to identify malignant cells. The nucleolus is the site of synthesis of ribosomal RNA (rRNA) and of the assembly of the ribonucleic particles involved in the synthesis of the proteins, the ribosomes. The biogenesis of the ribosomes is a process very important for the cell. Indeed, the synthesis of rRNA corresponds to about 40% (...)

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