Cash seminars and reading groups: October

Cash seminars have started again, they are now coordinated by Yannick and Ludovic. October seminars were:

SEM 14/10 : Ludo    Phs Thesis of Pierre Leca “Combining active object and BSP programs”

Reading group 21/10 : Christophe “La compilation polyédrique en 30 minutes”

SEM 28/10 :    

  • Ludo (+ Laure): petit topo informel de 15 min sur le nouveau GdT CLAP dans le GdR GPL (avec explication des acronymes)    
  • Yannick (15 minutes) : tour haut niveau du projet Vellvm — principe, objectifs, challenges et sous-projets en cours et futurs

Reading group 04/11 : Laure    Interprétation abstraite 101 (30 min)

14th Cash reading group

14th edition of CASH reading group will be on

25/3 at 14:00 in room 316
This will be a special session where I will speak about communication timing based on an old article:

Synchronous, asynchronous, and causally ordered communication
Bernadette Charron–Bost, Friedemann Mattern, Gerard Tel
Program: 10 minutes brief introduction of the paper followed by details on the results and formalisation and discussion for those who want to stay after the introduction
Presentation will be based on slides of a former course I used to give in Nice

8th edition of CASH reading group

8th edition of CASH reading group will be on
Oct 2 at 15:45

Salle 316


  • Christophe ALIAS: mini-survey of single assignment languages
  • Laure Gonnord and Ludovic Henrio:

    Albert Cohen, Léonard Gérard, and Marc Pouzet. Programming parallelism with futures in Lustre. In ACM International Conference on Embedded Software (EM- SOFT’12), Tampere, Finland, October 7-12 2012. ACM. Best paper award.

7th Cash reading group: 10/4 at 9:30

7th edition of CASH paper presentation will be on
April 10 at 9:30
Salle de réunion M7 3ème étage


  • Laure Gonnord: “Relational Program Reasoning” based on:
    • Relational Program Reasoning Using Compiler IR VSTTE 2016, Moritz
      Kiefer, Vladimir Klebanov, Mattias Ulbrich
    • De Angelis, E., Fioravanti, F., Pettorossi, A., Proietti, M.:
      Relational verification through Horn clause transformation., SAS 2016
    • (opt) Beckert, B., Bormer, T., Gocht, S., Herda, M., Lentzsch, D.,
      Ulbrich, M.: Sem-slice: Exploiting relational verification for
      automatic program slicing. Tool paper IFM 2017
  • Paul Iannetta: “Tiramisu: A Polyhedral Compiler for Expressing Fast and Portable Code”Riyadh Baghdadi, Jessica Ray, Malek Ben Romdhane, Emanuele Del Sozzo, Abdurrahman Akkas, Yunming Zhang, Patricia Suriana, Shoaib Kamil, and Saman Amarasinghe. 2019.  International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO 2019).