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The Chemistry Laboratory is a joint unit operated by the CNRS, the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Lyon and Université Lyon 1. It used to be directed by P. Sautet up to January 2011, and is currently  managed  by C. Andraud (organigramme).

The Chemistry Laboratory spans a range of specialities in chemistry and physical chemistry  It develops interdisciplinary research projects at the frontiers with biology, material sciences and physics. The research themes cover a wide spectrum of expertises in experimental chemistry (organic, inorganic and materials synthesis) together with characterization and modeling. The scientific interdisciplinary projects of the laboratory, which are partly related to societal issues (environment, health, defence, information and communication technologies, textiles) are centered on three themes:

  • systems for biology: imaging, diagnosis and therapy;
  • systems with specific properties: properties for applications related to optics, magnetism, to supramolecular heterogeneous catalysis, to the detection of gaseous molecules, to chiral recognition or to the development of functional textiles;
  • computational modeling: reactivity (exploration of reaction pathways in heterogeneous catalysis), spectroscopy (modeling of excited states for magnetic or optical systems), and developement of models for enzymatic and biomolecular systems.


These projects are developed within three axis :

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