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- 2 Nano isothermic calorimeters (ITC. TA instrument): mixing and reaction heat

- Nano calorimeter (Perfusion calorimeter. TA instrument): gas dissolution heat

- Isotherm microcalorimeter (MicroSolution. TA instrument): slow dissolution heat

- Isoperibol calorimeter (SolCal. TA instrument): fast dissolution heat

- DSC 3D detection (Sensys Evo. Setaram): temperature range of -120 to 400 °C

- DSC (PerkinElmer 8500) temperature range of -160 to 500 °C

- FlashDSC (Mettler Toledo): high speed temperature ramp (up to 3 million °C/min)

- IGA Gravimetric analyzer for Sorption Analysis (Mercer): resolution of 0.1 µg and under pressure from 2 mbar to 20 bars

- Densimeter DMA 5000 M (Anton Paar) with a Viscosimeter Lovis 2000 ME (Anton Paar)

- Viscosimeter Stabinger SVM 30001 (Anton Paar)

- Homemade isochoric glass or metal devices to determine absorption isotherm (0-1.5 bars and 25-70°C)

- Optic Microscope (Leica DM 2700M) with device for solid-liquid equilibrium (Linkam LTS420)

- Coulometric Karl Fisher Titrator (Mettler Toledo): water content measurement (1-50,000 ppm)

- Drop Shape Analyzer (KRUSS)

- Melting point measurement MP90 (Mettler Toledo)