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About the laboratory

The Chemistry Laboratory (LCH) is a joint unit operated by the CNRS,  the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon  and the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1. Funded in 1987, it was directed successively by André Collet (the Laboratory was then called STIM), Lyndon Emsley, Philippe Sautet, Chantal Andraud, Stephane Parola and now Carine Michel. It is localised on the campus Monod of the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon.

LCH is at the center of a wide network  of partnerships with acadmia but also defense and industry, at the regional, national and international scale.

The research PIs are grouped into three research axis : 

They benefif from a high-quality technical support.

LCH develops intedisiplinary research projects at the cross-road of biology, material science and physics, from fundamental to more apply science. It gathers researchers with a large spectrum of expertise in synthesis (organic, inorganic, (nano)materials, material forming), charaterization and advanced spectroscopies, in conjunction with a strong expertise in atomistic modeling (excited states, reactivity, liquids).

Those intedisciplinary research projects are related to societaly challenges but also to fundamental scientific challenges:

  • Chemistry in Life Science
  • Sustainable Chemistry & Energy,
  • Light-Matter interactions ,
  • Surface, interfaces & nanomaterials,
  • Ionic Liquids,
  • Thermodynamic,
  • Catalysis,
  • Chirality,
  • Self-assembling systems.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any demand related to our scientific activities !

Carine Michel, Director

Christophe Bucher, Vice-Director