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Material synthesis

Material synthesis

Some examples of material synthesis methods commonly used at the LCH:

  • Synthesis of colloidal semiconductor nanoparticles (metal chalcogenides) in solution, organometallic synthesis of precursors
  • Synthesis of porous hybrid organic-inorganic materials based on titania for detection and catalysis prepared by sol-gel method in the absence of surfactants
  • Synthesis of MOFs for catalysis via solvothermal or microwave synthesis
  • Design and synthesis of metallic nanostructures (Au, Ag) with the control of their size and shape. The seed mediated growth approach is usually used.
  • Design and synthesis of rare earth based nanostructured materials (rare earth fluorides, phosphates, oxides etc.).

Elaboration of organic-inorganic hybrid, porous, nanostructured alkoxysilane-based materials prepared by the sol-gel method

Contact: Szilvia Karpati