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UMR 5182

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Press releases
Dec 21, 2018
Dec 18, 2018
Dec 14, 2018 DNA can protect itself against UV-light by chemical means. This new mechanism could have applications to fight against skin cancer.
Oct 25, 2018


  • Jan 30, 2019 Pr. Berni HASENKNOPF, Polyrotaxanes pour l’imagerie bimodale, Amphi Schrödinger
  • Feb 05, 2019 Valorisation, La Doua
  • Feb 13, 2019 Dr. Frederic GENDRON, Ab-initio Calculations of Spectroscopic Parameters To Probe Covalent Effects in f-Complexes, Salle André Collet
  • Feb 27, 2019 Pr. Agnieszka RUPPERT, Nanomaterials as catalysts for bio derived chemicals and fuel synthesis, Amphi Schrödinger
  • Mar 06, 2019 Dr. Sebastien VIDAL, Dynamic combinatorial libraries of dyn[n]arene-based glycoclusters as multivalent ligands of lectins - When glycoclusters go dynamic, Salle André Collet
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