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  • Feb 08, 2023 Bertrand Collin, Imagerie Moléculaire, SdM “Séminaires”
  • Feb 22, 2023 Romain Ruppert, Expanded porphyrins: from chiral molecules to linear oligoporphyrins linked by metal ions, André Collet
  • Mar 01, 2023 Carlos M. Marquez, Lipids and light: the fourth pillar of life under a microscope, SdM “Séminaires”
  • Mar 08, 2023 Mathieu Prévot, Powering chemistry with sunlight: electrocatalytic and photoelectrocatalytic chemical transformations, André Collet
  • Mar 15, 2023 Amrita Hazra, TBA, SdM “Séminaires”
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