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Job opportunities


Post-Doctoral positions

  • Modelling the photo-catalytic activity of core-shell catalysts (PDF) 07/2022
  • Design of new enantiopure receptors family for selective recognition of chiral anions in aqueous media - (PDF) 09/2021
  • Optical Activation of Pyrotechnic Molecules via Multiple Photon Absorption: Postdoc, 12 months, start date : flexible, preferably 01/09/2021 - (PDF) 05/2021


PhD Positions

  • Understanding formation and repair of 8-oxoguanines damages in the nucleosomal DNA using multiscale simulations (PDF) 09/2022
  • Photoactive molecular materials based on 1,10-phenanthrolines for dual photoredox/transition metal catalysis (PDF) 07/2021
  • Synthesis and applications of a highly preorganised bifunctionalised chiral platform (PDF) 07/2021
  • Synthesis of enantiopure cryptophane having syn-configuration : study ot the chiroptical properties of these derivatives and their complexes (PDF) 07/2021
  • Anode materials for Li-Ion batteries (PDF) 07/2021
  • Photochemical reactions through electron transfers induced by multiphotonic excitation : study and optimization of photoredox processes for new applications in the short wave ifra-red (SWIR) (PDF) 12/2020



  • Study of supramolecular interactions between proteins and lanthanide complexes (PDF) 09/2022
  • Electrostatic embedding for hybrid grand-canonical DFT/molecular mechanics simulations of electrified interfaces (PDF) 09/2022
  • Chirality and self-assembly of plasmonic nanoparticles (PDF) 09/2022
  • Synthèse de cryptophanes optiquement actifs pour la préparation de nanoparticules d'or chirales (PDF) 09/2022
  • Metamorphic Approaches for On-surface Switching of Chiroptical Properties (PDF) 09/2022
  • Design of new enantiopure receptors family for selective recognition of chiral anions in aqueous media - (PDF) 09/2021
  • Modelling a photocyclisation mechanism (PDF) 08/2021
  • Synthesis of a highly preorganised chiral platform and evaluation for material elaboration (PDF) 07/2021
  • Conception de capsules solides à cœur liquide à partir d’émulsions de Pickering (PDF) 07/2021
  • New chiral ligands for the design of lanthanide complexes (PDF) 07/2021


AGPR Position

No position for the moment.


ATER position

No position for the moment.

ATER is a one year contract for junior researchers (with their PhD or almost). ATER have both a teaching and a reaserch duty.