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Job opportunities



permanents positions

No position for the moment.


AGPR Position

We offer an AGPR position in the department of chemistry for teaching general and physical chemistry and for being a PhD student in teoretical chemistry (details). See also the recommandations.


ATER position

No position for the moment.

ATER is a one year contract for junior researchers (with their PhD or almost). ATER have both a teaching and a reaserch duty.


Post-Doctoral position

  • Understand action mechanism of detergent additives by molecular simulation (PDF) 02/2019
  • Functional lanthanide luminescent bioprobes based on Pyclen macrocycle for bioimaging application (PDF) 06/2018
  • MD investigations of non-covalent interactions ruling out crystallophores association to proteins (PDF) 05/2018
  • Chirality in lanthanide complexes (PDF) 03/2018


PhD projects


Experimental chemistry

  • Magnetogenic, molecular probes activated by a target enzyme (PDF) 01/2020
  • NIR Fluorophores for in vivo imaging (PDF) 12/2019
  • Sustainable solvents for treatment and recycling of mixed textile fibres (PDF) 02/2019
  • Redox-Responsive (Supra)Molecular Systems for Switchable Magnetic Properties (PDF) 02/2019
  • Conception de nouveaux Cristallophores, études de leurs interactions supramoléculaires avec les protéines (PDF) 02/2019

Theoretical chemistry

  • Molecular simulations applied to batteries shared by the PSA Group, ENS-Lyon and IFP Energies nouvelles (PDF) 01/2020
  • Toward mode- or/and bond-selective chemistry: Methane dissociation on metals (PDF) 02/2019



No position for the moment.