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Chemical demonstrations

Chemistry is fun when it is demonstrated live. Several experiments will be presented:

  • This ugly viscous material named slime will be prepared live and will be explained. Always fun!


Ugly green slime


  • What is inside a dry diaper? And what does it become when it’s wet? The mystery of superabsorbent revealed during a demonstration at the end of which explanations will be given.

Superabsorvant 1

Get the superabsorbant material inside a diaper an poor water in it

Superabsorbant 2

The water is absorbed. you can even put your vial upsidedown.


  • Elephant toothpaste, a huge yellow foam, made in front of you. Can’t you believe it?
  • Elephant tooth paste 1 Elephant tooth paste 2 Elephant tooth paste 4 Elephant tooth paste 5 Elephant tooth paste 6

 See how the foam develops.


  • Diana tree, made of pure shiny silver in a sky-bleu environment, develops within 30 min
Diane 1Diane 2Diane 3Diane 4Diane 5