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UMR 5182

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PhD defense

Oct 09, 2020 à 02:00 PM


Salle Condorcet

Electron-Triggered Metamorphism in Viologen Based Self-Assembled Supramolecular Materials

The aim of this thesis is to develop new approaches toward “smart” redox-responsive molecular and/or supramolecular systems involving viologen units as key elements. In all cases, the metamorphic processes have been actuated by changing the redox state of the viologen units from their dicationic to cation radical states. The driving force of this reorganization is the non‐covalent and fully reversible dimerization process between the viologen cation radicals. The first part of the thesis describes the formation of supramolecular assemblies involving carefully designed poly-viologen based tectons and cucurbit[n]uril cavitands. The second part deals with the development of viologen-based redox-responsive molecular clips and tweezers with their detailed investigations of their molecular recognition and self-assembling properties. Finally, the last part describes another concept of redox-responsive assembly involving palladium and a ditopic viologen-ligand as building elements. The self-association between the metal ions and the ligands leads to the formation of coordination polymers/oligomers which can be dissociated by reduction of the viologen centers into well-defined discrete molecules.