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UMR 5182


Dr. Laure GUY (ENS)

Research Ingineer

Laure Guy (Dr.) is Ingenieur de Recherche in the Laboratoire de Chimie at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. Her research topics have chirality in common. She is developping her own research project dedicated to the design of chiral molecule with high optical rotation. This mainly deals with the large scale synthesis of enantiopure helicene-like compounds. She is also working in  a fruitful collaboration with Dr J.Crassous (Univ. Rennes France) on the synthesis of chiral molecular candidates for parity non-conservation measurement. She is fully experimented in synthetic methods for the access at chiral compounds and she is very used with the chiroptical analytical tools.

Fields of Interest & Expertise

Chirality, Design of molecules for Chirowaveguides, Design of molecules for Parity Violation Measurements,

Professional Address
Department of Chemistry-UMR 5182
Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon
46 allée d'Italie
69364 Lyon


Tel : +(0033) 472 728 395
Fax : +(0033) 472 728 860