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In 2016, LBMC becomes Laboratory of Biology and Modelling of the Cell

This Century is marked by a profound transformation of biological sciences. As was the XXth Century by the revolution of molecular biology, our current activity is being reshaped by a shift from qualitative descriptions to quantitative understandings. Former objectives of research in biology centered on the identification of novel players (genes, environmental conditions, molecular signals, cellular contexts regulatingspecific processes...). Although the current objectives also include the discovery of new molecular actors and mechanisms, they are much more ambitious. The challenge is now to estimate relevant quantities (gene expression levels, diffusion rate of molecules, precise timing of cell remodelling...) and also to interpret these numbers.

In this setting, the general strategy of the LBMC will be to conduct several interdisciplinary projects in different research teams. These projects will involve collaborations with mathematicians, physicists and computer scientists, but LBMC team members will also run themselves numerical analysis and simulations in addition to performing experiments.

As the consequence of its new scientific objectives, from 2016 LBMC will the acronym of Laboratory of Biology and Modelling of the Cell.