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Regulation of Genome Architecture and Dynamics of Splicing (ReGArDS) - D. Auboeuf and C. Bourgeois

Our team is interested in the regulation of alternative splicing, the main process allowing to largely increase the functional diversity of proteins (...) Read more

Chromatin Dynamics in Mitotic Chromosome Assembly - P. Bernard

The ability of the genome to adopt a dynamic 3D organisation underlies most DNA transactions. The profound reorganisation of long chromatin fibres (...) Read more

Evolutionary Cell Biology in Nematodes - M. Delattre

We compare basic cellular functions between closely related species. We ask to what extent the underlying mechanisms have evolved, at the molecular (...) Read more

Quantitative regulatory genomics - M. Francesconi

Why are individuals different? We address this fundamental question by studying both genetic and non-genetic sources of phenotypic variation, using (...) Read more

Systems Biology of Decision Making - O. Gandrillon

The molecular mechanisms controlling decision making at the cellular level between self-renewal and differentiation are still poorly understood. The (...) Read more

Epithelial differentiation and morphogenesis in Drosophila - M. Grammont

Read more

Posttranscriptional Regulation in Infection and Oncogenesis - Jalinot/Mocquet

Our main research interest is to decipher the molecular mechanisms underlying oncogenesis, with a particular interest in the role of genetic (...) Read more

Regulated Cell Death and Genetics of Neurodegeneration - B. Mollereau

The general goal of our lab is to understand the mechanisms of cell death, ER stress, autophagy and metabolism during development and in (...) Read more

Epigenetic regulation of cell identity and environmental stress responses - F. Palladino

We are interested in understanding the role of conserved chromatin marks in the maintenance of germline identity and the response to environmental (...) Read more

Comparative and Integrative Genomics of Organ Development - S.Pantalacci/M. Semon

We compare genomes and transcriptomes to highlight general rules about the development and/or the evolution of organs. Read more

RNA metabolism in immunity and infection (RMI2) - E. Ricci

We are interested in post-transcriptional control mechanisms that regulate gene expression in cells of the immune system and during pathogen (...) Read more

Genetic Complexity of Living Systems - G. Yvert

Our research group is interested in the fundamental genetic mechanisms underlying inter-individual phenotypic differences. We wish to better (...) Read more

Epigenetics and Zygote Formation - B. Loppin

The formation of a diploid zygote from two highly different gametes is a critical aspect of sexual reproduction in animals. Notably, the transmission (...) Read more

Physical Biology of Chromatin - D. Jost

In close connection with experimental biology, our research addresses generic or specific biological questions on chromatin and gene regulation by (...) Read more

Genome mechanics - A. Piazza

Homologous recombination is a universal DNA break repair pathway involved in a variety of biological processes. Our goal is to define the molecular (...) Read more