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Systems Biology of Decision Making

Systems Biology of Decision Making - O. Gandrillon

The molecular mechanisms controlling decision making at the cellular level between self-renewal and differentiation are still poorly understood. The central question of our group consists in understanding the molecular mechanisms controlling self-renewal and the alteration of these mechanisms in relation to the onset of cancer. For this we abide by the following view : "The stem-cell signature should therefore be determined by systems-biology tools that can identify patterns, rather than by the analysis of individual genes or even multiple gene-product behaviours." Zipori, D. (2004) The nature of stem cells : state rather than entity. Nat. Rev. Genet., 5, 873-878.


If you're looking for a GRN inference software: check our CARDAMOM solution.

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SBDM team in the news: Les principes généraux du déterminisme de la cellule - Olivier Gandrillon et Serge Lebecque - 2021