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Biologie des systèmes : signalisation et processus cellulaires développementaux

Comparative and Integrative Genomics of Organ Development - S.Pantalacci/M. Semon

We compare genomes and transcriptomes to highlight general rules about the development and/or the evolution of organs. Lire la suite

Epigenetic regulation of cell identity and environmental stress responses - F. Palladino

We study the role of conserved chromatin factors in the maintenance of germline identity and the response to environmental stress, using C. elegans as a model organism. Lire la suite

Epigénétique et Formation du Zygote - B. Loppin

The formation of a diploid zygote from two highly different gametes is a critical aspect of sexual reproduction in animals. Notably, the transmission of the paternal genome implies unique chromatin reorganization events that take (...) Lire la suite

Epithelial differentiation and morphogenesis in Drosophila - M. Grammont

Epithelia form a vital part of all our tissues and organs. The adhesive properties of these cellular sheets and the ability of their component cells to change shape and/or to move are essential to generate a large number of (...) Lire la suite

Plasticité et Evolution de la Division Cellulaire - M. Delattre

The cell is a level of biological organisation that has been poorly explored from an evolutionary perspective. How do cellular mechanisms evolve? What is the extent of possible solutions that have been retained across evolution (...) Lire la suite

Quantitative regulatory genomics - M. Francesconi

Pourquoi les individus sont-ils différents ? Nous abordons cette question fondamentale en étudiant les sources génétiques et non génétiques de variation phénotypique, à l'aide d'approches de biologie des systèmes de (...) Lire la suite

Structures et Interactions des Molécules Biologiques - M. Spichty

We apply atomic-level computer simulations and molecular and cellular biology experiments to gain insights into the dynamic structure of proteins and their interactions in living cells. The main goal is to understand the factors (...) Lire la suite

Systems Biology of Decision Making - O. Gandrillon

The molecular mechanisms controlling decision making at the cellular level between self-renewal and differentiation are still poorly understood. The central question of our group consists in understanding the molecular mechanisms (...) Lire la suite

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