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The loading of condensin in the context of chromatin.

Xavier Robellet, Vincent Vanoosthuyse, and Pascal Bernard (2017)

Curr Genet, 63(4):577-589.

The packaging of DNA into chromosomes is a ubiquitous process that enables living organisms to structure and transmit their genome accurately through cell divisions. In the three kingdoms of life, the architecture and dynamics of chromosomes rely upon ring-shaped SMC (Structural Maintenance of Chromosomes) condensin complexes. To understand how condensin rings organize chromosomes, it is essential to decipher how they associate with chromatin filaments. Here, we use recent evidence to discuss the role played by nucleosomes and transcription factors in the loading of condensin at transcribed genes. We propose a model whereby cis-acting features nestled in the promoters of active genes synergistically attract condensin rings and promote their association with DNA.

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