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2. DRACULA - Modeling normal and pathological hematopoiesis


This project is lead by Olivier Gandrillon for its SBDM part.

It is an INRIA team-project Dracula headed by Mostafa Adimy will be developed in collaboration with the mathematician’s team M3B. It involves a collaborative effort with the INSERM U851 (Group "IMMUNITY AND CYTOTOXIC LYMPHOCYTES" headed by Jacqueline Marvel) regarding the modeling of the immune response. This project aims at developing models incorporating simultaneously intra-cellular networks (the molecular level), the behavior of the cell (cellular level), the dynamics of cells populations (of organs or tissues) together with a (retro) control by other organs (the whole organism). We will focus on two lineages : erythropoiesis, and the generation of memory CD8 T cells following antigen encounter.