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Conservation laws and nonequilibrium dynamics: some examples

Paolo Politi (Institute for Complex Systems, CNR, Florence)
When Sep 24, 2018
from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Where Amphi. Schrödinger
Attendees Paolo Politi
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One of the simplest examples of nonequilibrium dynamics varying in the presence of a conservation law is the phase ordering process after a quenching through a critical point: the relaxation process of a lattice gas differs from that of a magnet, while their equilibrium properties are the same. We show that the increase of the interaction range can reinforce their difference, speeding-up nonconserved dynamics and almost freezing conserved one [1]. Conserved quantities are also relevant to obtain a condensation-like transition [2]. We will first introduce a stochastic, non interacting model with different physical interpretations, then we will discuss the effect of interactions on the relaxation dynamics [3].

[1] Federico Corberi, Eugenio Lippiello and Paolo Politi Effective mobility and diffusivity in coarsening processes EPL 119, 26005 (2017)

[2] Juraj Szavits-Nossan, Martin R. Evans and Satya N. Majumdar Constraint-Driven Condensation in Large Fluctuations of Linear Statistics Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 020602 (2014)

[3] Stefano Iubini, Antonio Politi and Paolo Politi Relaxation and coarsening of weakly-interacting breathers in a simplified DNLS chain J. Stat. Mech.: Theory and Experiments, 073201 (2017)

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