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Open Post-doc positions

Open Post-doc positions (2024-2025)

Random walk on a DNA origami to solve mazes: a biophysical study
Contact: Fabien Montel

Open Post-doc positions (2023-2024)

Engineer/Postdoctoral Researcher position at Laboratoire de physique
XmART project (partnership with XmBauble startup and Pulsalys)
Contact: Stéphane Roux

Open Post-doc positions (2021-2022)

Post-doctoral position at Laboratoire de Physique - ENS de Lyon and Laboratoire de Géologie de Lyon
Penetrative convection: experiments on a rotating table
Advisors Thierry Alboussière and Stéphane Labrosse (LGL)- Philippe Odier (LPENSL)
Starting September 2021 (filled/pourvu)

Open Post-doc positions (2020-2021)

Elastic instabilities in rubber materials during extrusion
Advisors: Sébastien Manneville, Sandra Lerouge (Université Paris Diderot) et Marie Rebouah (Michelin)
Applications opening July 2020

Open Post-doc positions (2017-2018)

Thermal Fluctuations in a stationary out-of-equilibium system
Advisor: Ludovic Bellon
Applications opening in November 2017

Capillary waves emission by an oscillating tip
Advisor: Audrey Steinberger
Applications opening in January 2018

Open Post-doc positions (2016-2017)

Experimental study of a second order transition: out of equilibrium fluctuations, aging and electric field effects
Advisor: Caroline Crauste-Thibierge

Campagne ATER 2016-2017
Enseignements au département de physique; Recherche au laboratoire.
1 poste ouvert (2 susceptibles d'être vacants)