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Atmospheric superrotation in warm Earth-like climates

Rodrigo Caballero (Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University)
Quand ? Le 17/04/2018,
de 11:00 à 12:00
Où ? room 116
Participants Rodrigo Caballero
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Atmospheric superrotation—a state in which zonal-mean winds have greater angular momentum than the equatorial value under solid-body rotation—is an observed feature of several planets in the solar system. Earth’s atmosphere does not superrotate under current conditions, but some climate models show a spontaneous transition to superrotation under warm climate conditions such as prevailed in Earth’s deep past. I will discuss the mechanisms responsible for this transition. I will also discuss the possibility that superrotation may occur at the Earth’s surface, yielding surface westerly winds at the equator and a major reorganization of the tropical climate.