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Slip of polymeric liquids

Marceau Hénot (LPENSL)
Quand ? Le 03/11/2020,
de 10:45 à 11:45
Où ? Web seminar
Participants Marceau Hénot
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In this talk, I will present the result I got during my PhD under the supervision of Frédéric Restagno, on the slip of polymeric liquids flowing near a solid surface. If this slip effect is usually neglectable for simple liquids, it is not always the case of polymeric liquids

Using a method of velocimetry based on the observation under shear of a pattern photobleached in a fluorescent fluid, we systematically measured the slip length of different PDMS polymeric liquids on non-adsorbing surfaces in order to test the Navier hypothesis of a linear response at the interface. Comparing these measurements to friction experiments of PDMS elastomers on the same surfaces, allowed us to discuss the hypothesis made by de Gennes in 1979 that the friction is controlled at the monomer scale.