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Second sound tweezers listening to quantum turbulence

Eric Woillez (Néel Institute, France)
Quand ? Le 22/06/2021,
de 11:00 à 12:00
Où ? online
Participants Eric Woillez
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Superfluidity allows for propagation of temperature waves called « second sound ». This property has opened the rare opportunity to measure directly the presence of quantum vortices in a turbulent flow. During the last twenty years, a new generation of sensors, the « second sound tweezers » were developed at the Institut Néel. They allow to directly probe the small scale velocity and quantum enstrophy in the core of the flow. I will first recall the general characteristics of quantum turbulence, and some research perspectives in the field of quantum hydrodynamics. Then I will present in details the principle of second sound tweezers, and last, I will show some recent experimental results.