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Supramolecular Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Animated by Laure Guy and DENIS FRATH

The Supramolecular Chemistry and Chemical Biology axis gathers 9 permanent staff, and approximately 10 PhD students and post-doctoral fellows, with broad research activities in supramolecular chemistry: confinement, encapsulation, self-assembly and switchable (supra)molecular systems. Our group works on topics ranging from bio-sensing to catalysis and "smart" materials. In particular, our technologies for bio-compatible probes responding to the activity of specific target enzymes have matured to such an extent that we are now swiftly moving towards their practical application to the realm of chemical biology. Other systems could find applications for magnetic, electronic or chiroptical devices.

These fields of research can be organized in three distinct parts: the chemistry in confined space – chemical biology and biosensing – stimuli-responsive molecules and materials.

Chemical Biology and Biosensing

T. Brotin, N. De Rycke, J. Hasserodt, L. Guy, P. Maurin Lire la suite

Chemistry in Confined Space

T. Brotin, N. De Rycke, J.-P. Dutasta, L. Guy Lire la suite

Stimuli-responsive Molecules and Materials

C. Bucher, F. Chevallier, D. Frath, L. Guy Lire la suite