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The LBMC is an experimental biology laboratory with a strong interdisciplinary component host at ENS de Lyon. The LBMC establishes local bridges between biomedical laboratories on one side and physics, computational and math laboratories on the other side (Figure 1). These bridges are developed notably within federative structures in which the LBMC contributes actively, such as BioSyl (structure dedicated to systems biology), l'IXXI (structure dedicated to complex systems across all disciplines) ans SciDoLySE (structure dedicated to data science and AI).

Several teams at LBMC also established their own collaborations with physicists (Figure 2) and mathematicians (Figure 3).

In addition, LBMC's researchers collaborate with many international laboratories (Figure 4), participate in international exchange programs (Figure 5) and organize international schools and meetings (Figure 6).


Figure 1. An efficient local network of units at multiple levels


Figure 2. Interactions with physicists at ENS Lyon and abroad


Figure 3. Interactions with mathematicians at ENS Lyon and abroad


Figure 4. International collaborations


Figure 5. International exchange programs


Figure 6. International schools and meetings