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Welcome to the 'Complexity, plasticity, and functionality of miRNAs' team (CPFmi)

A new team has joined the LBMC: welcome to Karina and her new CPFmi team.


Karina Jouravleva joined the LBMC as a CR CNRS in October 2023 and subsequently established a new team in January 2024. Her team is passionately committed to unravelling the intricate mechanisms of modular layer of post-transcriptional control formed by miRNAs, which confers developmental robustness and enables generating complex cellular responses to environmental challenges and pathological conditions.

The very first and very brave students Anna Beauprêtre, Aurélie Cappellaro, and Romain Wissing joined Karina in January!

The CPFmi team (for Complexity, Plasticity, and Functionality of miRNAs) thank all LBMC colleagues for their invaluable assistance in navigating various procedures, setting up the lab space, sharing equipment, and offering encouragement and daily support. Thanks to all of you, the LBMC instantly became our cherished home!