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Lab retreat in Ardèche

This year's lab retreat was in the Ardèche region

Staff travelled by double decker bus early Monday 30th of September to the Ardèche for a lab retreat.

The 2 days in Vogüé were the opportunity to take stock of all the recent and exciting changes and for the many new and older lab members to mingle and get to know each other (and their science) better. 

Over the last 2 years the LBMC has:

  • welcomed 4 new research teams (Ricci, Francesconi, Loppin et Jost)
  • seen Pierre Jalinot (thanks for all your investment and time) pass the directorship of the lab to Didier Auboeuf who is officially the new Director par interim since September 1st
  • moved into new and refurbished facilities on the Monod campus of the ENS de Lyon
  • watched its biocomputing hub start to bear fruit (7 teams have used its tools, publications in Elife et Science et Genome research journals)

A "highlight" of the retreat was the spotlight on techniques developed within the lab - the students and engineers presented a very high quality session on this theme.

Lab members were are lucky to visit the grotte Chauvet 2.

Thanks to all the organisers and everyone for their participation - a great time was  had by all.