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Publications (not up to date)

This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 107 references in this bibliography folder.

Hermanson, E, Joseph, B, Castro, D, Lindqvist, E, Aarnisalo, P, Wallen, A, Benoit, G, Hengerer, B, Olson, L, and Perlmann, T (2003).
Nurr1 regulates dopamine synthesis and storage in MN9D dopamine cells.
Exp Cell Res, 288(2):324-34.

Joseph, B, Wallen-Mackenzie, A, Benoit, G, Murata, T, Joodmardi, E, Okret, S, and Perlmann, T (2003).
p57(Kip2) cooperates with Nurr1 in developing dopamine cells.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, 100(26):15619-24.

Wang, Z, Benoit, G, Liu, J, Prasad, S, Aarnisalo, P, Liu, X, Xu, H, Walker, NPC, and Perlmann, T (2003).
Structure and function of Nurr1 identifies a class of ligand-independent nuclear receptors.
Nature, 423(6939):555-60.

Becquet, C, Blachon, S, Jeudy, B, Boulicaut, J, and Gandrillon, O (2002).
Strong-association-rule mining for large-scale gene-expression data analysis: a case study on human SAGE data.
Genome Biol, 3(12):RESEARCH0067.

Gandrillon, O (2002).
The v-erbA oncogene. Assessing its differentiation-blocking ability using normal chicken erythrocytic progenitor cells.
Methods Mol Biol, 202:91-107.

Mey, A, Gandrillon, O, McNagny, KM, Clegg, DO, and Samarut, J (2002).
The v-erbA oncogene blocks expression of alpha2/beta1 integrin a normal inhibitor of erythroid progenitor proliferation.
Oncogene, 21(18):2864-72.

Benoit, G, Roussel, M, Pendino, F, Segal-Bendirdjian, E, and Lanotte, M (2001).
Orchestration of multiple arrays of signal cross-talk and combinatorial interactions for maturation and cell death: another vision of t(15;17) preleukemic blast and APL-cell maturation.
Oncogene, 20(49):7161-77.

Benoit, GR, Flexor, M, Besancon, F, Altucci, L, Rossin, A, Hillion, J, Balajthy, Z, Legres, L, Segal-Bendirdjian, E, Gronemeyer, H, and Lanotte, M (2001).
Autonomous rexinoid death signaling is suppressed by converging signaling pathways in immature leukemia cells.
Mol Endocrinol, 15(7):1154-69.

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Exploring (novel) gene expression during retinoid-induced maturation and cell death of acute promyelocytic leukemia.
Semin Hematol, 38(1):71-85.

Braliou, GG, Ciana, P, Klaassen, W, Gandrillon, O, and Stunnenberg, HG (2001).
The v-ErbA oncoprotein quenches the activity of an erythroid-specific enhancer.
Oncogene, 20(7):775-87.

Idres, N, Benoit, G, Flexor, MA, Lanotte, M, and Chabot, GG (2001).
Granulocytic differentiation of human NB4 promyelocytic leukemia cells induced by all-trans retinoic acid metabolites.
Cancer Res, 61(2):700-5.

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Lineage restriction of the RARalpha gene expression in myeloid differentiation.
Blood, 98(8):2563-7.

Duprez, E, Benoit, G, Flexor, M, Lillehaug, JR, and Lanotte, M (2000).
A mutated PML/RARA found in the retinoid maturation resistant NB4 subclone, NB4-R2, blocks RARA and wild-type PML/RARA transcriptional activities.
Leukemia, 14(2):255-61.

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Genomic organization of the JEM-1 (BLZF1) gene on human chromosome 1q24: molecular cloning and analysis of its promoter region.
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RAR-independent RXR signaling induces t(15;17) leukemia cell maturation.
EMBO J, 18(24):7011-8.

Gandrillon, O, Schmidt, U, Beug, H, and Samarut, J (1999).
TGF-beta cooperates with TGF-alpha to induce the self-renewal of normal erythrocytic progenitors: evidence for an autocrine mechanism.
EMBO J, 18(10):2764-81.

Gandrillon, O and Samarut, J (1998).
Role of the different RAR isoforms in controlling the erythrocytic differentiation sequence. Interference with the v-erbA and p135gag-myb-ets nuclear oncogenes.
Oncogene, 16(5):563-74.

Gianni, M, Koken, MH, Chelbi-Alix, MK, Benoit, G, Lanotte, M, Chen, Z, and de The, H (1998).
Combined arsenic and retinoic acid treatment enhances differentiation and apoptosis in arsenic-resistant NB4 cells.
Blood, 91(11):4300-10.

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Expression patterns of the JEM-1 gene in normal and tumor cells: ubiquity contrasting with a faint, but retinoid-induced, mRNA expression in promyelocytic NB4 cells.
Leukemia, 12(11):1733-40.

Gandrillon, O, Guilhot-Cleuziat, C, and Samarut, J (1996).
Role of the various isoforms of retinoic acid receptors during the final commitment step of the erythrocytic differentiation sequence in the chicken.
Int J Dev Biol, Suppl 1:111S-112S.

Gandrillon, O, Solari, F, Legrand, C, Jurdic, P, and Samarut, J (1996).
A rapid and convenient method to prepare DIG-labelled RNA probes for use in non-radioactive in situ hybridization.
Mol Cell Probes, 10(1):51-5.

Rascle, A, Ferrand, N, Gandrillon, O, and Samarut, J (1996).
Myb-Ets fusion oncoprotein inhibits thyroid hormone receptor/c-ErbA and retinoic acid receptor functions: a novel mechanism of action for leukemogenic transformation by E26 avian retrovirus.
Mol Cell Biol, 16(11):6338-51.

Bruel, A, Benoit, G, De Nay, D, Brown, S, and Lanotte, M (1995).
Distinct apoptotic responses in maturation sensitive and resistant t(15;17) acute promyelocytic leukemia NB4 cells. 9-cis retinoic acid induces apoptosis independent of maturation and Bcl-2 expression.
Leukemia, 9(7):1173-84.

Gandrillon, O, Rascle, A, and Samarut, J (1995).
The v-erba oncogene - a superb tool for dissecting the involvement of nuclear hormone receptors in differentiation and neoplasia (review).
Int J Oncol, 6(1):215-31.

Woods, C, Domenget, C, Solari, F, Gandrillon, O, Lazarides, E, and Jurdic, P (1995).
Antagonistic role of vitamin D3 and retinoic acid on the differentiation of chicken hematopoietic macrophages into osteoclast precursor cells.
Endocrinology, 136(1):85-95.

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