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 40-50 students are preparing a PhD in one of the research teams of the LIP.

Most of these students are registered at the École Doctorale InfoMaths (ED 512).

In some cases, PhD tutoring can be shared with researchers working in other institutions, in France or abroad: contrat CIFRE (convention industrielle de formation par la recherche, with a private company), co-direction de thèse, cotutelle.

Many PhD students do some teaching while preparing their PhD, either at ENS de Lyon or at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

The work during the PhD is monitored via PhD thesis committees, whose role is to assess how the work is going and provide help to the PhD student and her/his tutor(s).

The monthly meeting of the Conseil de laboratoire du LIP welcomes representants of PhD students, who take part to discussions and decisions. The representants of the PhD students of the LIP can of course also interact directly with the head of the lab.

A PhD seminar is organised every month. Each team, in alphabetical order, is in charge of the organisation of the PhD seminar. The talks should be understandable by all the PhD students from the other teams, and present something the speaker finds interesting (usually related to the subject of his/her thesis).

Since 2015, PhD students organise the LIP PhD Days, outside of the lab, in an informal atmosphere. This allows PhD students to get to know each other, and better understand the various topics studied in the different teams of the lab.

Here are links to previous editions of the LIP PhD Days: 2018, 2019.