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Soutenance de Camille Eloy

Supergravity: AdS_3 vacua and higher-derivative corrections
When Jul 05, 2021
from 01:00 to 03:00
Where Salle de conférence Buisson D8-001
Contact Name Camille Eloy
Attendees Camille Eloy
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Supergravity is the supersymmetric extension of general relativity. It is essential for the study of string theory, one of the promising candidates for the unification of fundamental forces. The latter presents dualities, i.e. symmetries linking a priori different solutions, and predicts corrections in higher order derivatives to general relativity. The first part of this thesis is dedicated to the joint study of these corrections and dualities, using the tools of supergravity. It is shown that the preservation of duality symmetries, in the presence of fourth order derivative corrections, requires the deformation of the duality transformations. Once these deformations are identified, the corrected action is written in such a way as to make the duality explicit.

Supergravity is also fundamental to the AdS/CFT correspondence, which conjectures the equivalence between certain conformal field theories in d dimensions and supergravity in anti-de Sitter spacetime of dimension d + 1. The AdS3 /CFT2 correspondence is particularly promising, thanks to the good knowledge of two-dimensional conformal theories. In the second part of this thesis, we propose a classification of three-dimensional anti-de Sitter solutions, preserving in particular chiral supersymmetries. We then develop a method to compute Kaluza-Klein spectra around these vacua, using techniques from exceptional field theories. This method allows to bypass the standard harmonic analysis and gives access to vacua preserving few, or no, supersymmetries.